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Residential Property Matchmakers is dedicated to providing the highest level of service for both our home owners and future home owners. If your credit is bruised, you’ve recently filed for bankruptcy, been through a consumer proposal or just don’t have a down payment, our service is for you! We will provide you with home ownership through our rent to own program enabling you to save for a down payment all while repairing your credit. Our mortgage professionals will work closely with you to ensure you are ready to purchase the home when the time comes. Please keep in mind....depending on your situation, you will need to do what is required of you to qualify for a mortgage. Our professionals will give you the tools needed in order to do so, but it is also up to you to ensure that these items are taken care of. For example, your credit won’t miraculously fix itself, so, due diligence on your part is definitely required.

Our rent to own program is anywhere from 3 – 5 years. This varies from house to house, but sometimes you can choose what the term will be. After that term, you will need to get a mortgage and purchase the home. The purchase price is determined up front, so there are no surprises at the end of the term. We require a $2500 – $20,000 down payment up front and, again, this amount differs from house to house. This down payment will then go towards your down payment to purchase the home once the time comes. Also, $200-$400 per month, when your rent is paid on time, will go towards your down payment when you purchase the home. So, between the initial down payment and the monthly rent credits, you will have at least a 5% down payment to purchase the home when the rent to own term is over.

Our program gives you time to clean up your credit, establish credit, build up a down payment, give you a better employment history, etc, etc. Basically, our program gives you the time you need to be able to qualify for a mortgage, whatever the reason!

Each home is inspected and appraised by our carefully selected companies in each area. You as the future homeowner can rest assured that you are getting a quality home and we do all the work!! We will provide ongoing support from financial advisors and mortgage professionals throughout the process to guide you and ensure you are able to purchase the home when the time comes. You will deal directly with the homeowner once a suitable home has been found.

We require $500.00 to sign up for our service and this money is then put towards your down payment once you have found your dream home. We do have a 6 month refund policy. If you have not found a home in 6 months, and you wish to unsubscribe from our service, you will receive a full refund minus our administration fee.

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